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A unique school based on indian cultural heritage and a global vision
Anubhuti School, Jain Divine Park,
Shirsoli Road, Jalgaon–425 001
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Our assembly is a creative forum for both–the teachers and students to participate and interact in a non–academic space. The non–academic activities include cultural activities like singing and chanting, performance oriented actions [public speaking, theatre, drama and skits], raising the curiosity quotient through public display science experiments etc.

Assembly time is also devoted to special/significant days including festival days to bring about intercultural awareness and respect for all religions.

Subject wise – week assemblies are also regularly held wherein, an entire week is devoted to a particular subject and ideally covers all aspects of the same.

This is done with an aim for holistic development of each child. The teachers and students share their experiences on various issues and these programs help children:

  • to build and develop their self–confidence and listening skills
  • increase their awareness about various issues and current affairs
  • to build public speaking skills
  • enhance multiple thinking skills at various levels.

The assemblies are planned to ensure–

More students and teachers participation

Constant interaction with guest speakers

We conclude our assembly by reading newspaper and observing a minute of silence. We also take this space to remember and wish students & teachers on their birthdays.

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