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Health care

Anubhuti has a wonderful and serene campus. The cleanliness, the nutritious food and the routine exercise (PT/Yoga/Sports) schedule makes it a vivacious place and helps in maintaining health. The students of Anubhuti are provided with all required medical facilities. There are 3 clinics in all, 2 in the school campus & 1 adjacent to the school campus. There are separate clinics for boys and girls. The medical staff comprises a team of well qualified and experienced doctors as well as nurse/medical attendants who are available 24/7 on campus. Services of specialist doctors can always be availed on call. Jalgaon town (a fifteen minute drive away) has a large number of well–qualified doctors, many hospitals and nursing homes. The school has a tie-up and understanding with the above- mentioned and can avail their services in case of emergencies. Nevertheless, we believe in prevention is better than cure. Hence, utmost care is taken to ensure preventing illness. Vitamin C tablets, Multi-Vitamins, Iron tablets, etc. are routinely given when required. Herbal tea/preparation i.e. kadha is also offered during monsoon and winter seasons.

Allopathic treatment-General OPD

- Dr. Anshu Oswal (MBBS)

- Dr.Bhavana Jain [M.S Ophth (Retina Surgeon)]
  - Eye checkup Opd.

- Dr. Vishal Jain (MD homeopathy)

- Dr. Govind Tiwadi (BNYS) Naturopathy

- Dr. Sheweta Tiwadi (BNYS) Naturopathy

- Dr. Snehal Pawar(BAMS) Resident doctor.

- Dr. Sameer Pawar (BHMS) Resident doctor.

- Dr. S Kalyani Gutte (Bpth) Physiotherapist.

To sum it up, medical facilities available at a glance:

  • 24hrs presence of doctors in Anubhuti School.
  • Separate clinics for boys and girls.
  • 24hrs availability of ambulance in school in case of emergency.
  • Specialist doctors in the city also consulted and their opinions taken whenever required.
  • Regular treatment provided for any type of medical need e.g.: In case of setting of brace for teeth- regular sittings & checkup is done.
  • Facility for blood checkup in the school itself.
  • Eye checkup is done in school itself.
  • Facilities for hospitalization & 24hrs care for any kind of illness available. Separate isolation wards with the requisite facilities.
  • All the necessary medicines present in school clinic.
  • No charges for consultation/check-up and/or isolation ward. Charges (MRP) only for medicines prescribed. Regular maintenance of data of all illness & height, weight of all children.
  • There are no checkup charges from the school doctors, no isolation charges. Only the medicines provided are charged.
  • Regular data of all illness & height, weight of all children is maintained.
  • Medical reports are given twice a year with a student’s progress report card.


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