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Distinguishing Factors

  1. Mentoring and entrepreneurial interaction with the Chairman and Members of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.
  2. Interaction with super achievers from India and abroad.
  3. Remediation, Enrichment, Counseling and Guidance for JEE, CA, Management Entrance Exams, CLAT, Foundation Courses for Grade 8 & 9.
  4. Healthy student: teacher ratio of 8:1.
  5. Teachers and students drawn from all over the country from different states.
  6. Student Exchange programs Israel, Japan & United States.
  7. Student Publications: Monthly Newsletter, Science Magazine (STEMLET), Yearbook & more.
  8. Lowest Fees among comparable residential schools.
  9. IIMUN Jalgaon Chapter - Host School.
  10. Career Counselling with Univariety.
  11. Organizer of Swaranubhuti - Music Fest for Indian Classical Music, Instrumental Music & Dance Concerts.

Vibrant activities

  1. Creative Writing & Reading Clubs, Debate.
  2. Elocution, Quizzing and other activities.
  3. Lively Assemblies.
  4. Compulsory Yoga, Physical Training
  5. Star-gazing, Bird-watching, Farming & many more