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Anubhuti has a wonderful and serene campus. The cleanliness, the nutritious food and the routine exercise (PT/Yoga/Sports) schedule makes it a vivacious place and helps in maintaining health. Anubhuti promotes a healthy life style and believes in preventive health care and has a full–fledged 24x7 infirmary and separate isolation wards for girls and boys with 2 Resident Medical Officers and medical attendants. Services of other specialists can always be availed on call as and when required. Jalgaon has a large number of well–qualified doctors and hospitals. The school has a tie-up and understanding with the experts of specialty branches whose services can be availed in case of emergencies. Nevertheless, we believe in prevention is better than cure. Hence, utmost care is taken to ensure preventing illness. Vitamin C tablets, Multi-Vitamins, Iron tablets, etc. are routinely given when required. Herbal tea/preparation i.e. kadha is also offered during monsoon and winter seasons.

To sum it up, medical facilities available at a glance:

  • 24 X 7 – Availability of Resident Medical Officers
  • Clinics - separate for Girls and Boys
  • Girls Isolation Ward - 10 bedded
  • Boys Isolation Ward - 16 bedded
  • 24 X 7 - Ambulance Facility
  • Sufficient stock of necessary medicines for preliminary treatment
  • Availability of Temporal Scanner, Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Cylinder, Nebulizer and other instruments