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Hostel life in Anubhuti is one of the most memorable experiences that students can have as it serves as a home away from home. Anubhuti has no matrons or wardens. Instead we have the unique ‘house-parent’ system wherein, the faculty also take up the responsibility of ‘house-parenting’. This ensures the effective filling in of the need gap of the parent that is felt by the child making the difficult transition from home to boarding school. The talents of each student are identified and nurtured so that a child’s potential is developed to the maximum. A conducive environment is further provided in the evenings which makes learning and academics a joyful activity. Time spent with the house-parent are special, informal, interactive and sharing sessions; created to come together and discuss myriad things including problems, feelings, the role of and need for values in life, and include on a lighter note, jokes and some good natured banter and a lot more. Children learn to be more confident and independent, while also learning the value of interdependence. They learn to introspect and reflect, developing lasting impressions while remaining grounded to root values. The house-parents’ role includes creating a close bond with the small group of entrusted children who will then thrive under their able guidance and pave the way for their holistic growth thus preparing them for life itself.