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Anubhuti strives to provide an environment for children to learn critical skills that will help them lead a meaningful life.

  • To be able to make sense of unfamiliar situations and respond to them effectively.
  • To be aware of themselves, the reasons for their behavior and their relationship to the world around them.
  • To communicate effectively with the world around them.
  • To learn to cooperate, live and work together.
  • To create and build a work portfolio.
  • To place importance on silence and introspection.
  • To encourage the spirit of learning to live with less.


Classroom instruction and project work blend with supplementary work in the library, the labs and outdoors. Anubhuti discourages rote learning, offers remedial, enrichment and guidance classes and promotes appropriate use of IT/broadband internet. Arts, crafts and music form part of the curriculum on par with other subjects.

  1. Projects :
  2. Anubhuti has woven live project work into the learning programme. This is to realize the ideal of experiential learning and demands the coordination of arts and music into the core curricular subjects. This makes learning enjoyable and converts it into an integrated whole.

  3. Medium of Learning :
  4. As required by the CISCE, the medium of instruction is English. Marathi and Hindi are integral to the curriculum. They are offered as second/third languages.

  5. Learner Strength :
  6. Anubhuti is committed to keeping an optimally low learner-teacher ratio. Each section will have a maximum strength of 25 learners. Anubhuti will have an ultimate strength of three hundred and sixty learners from Classes 5 to 12.

  7. Academic Sessions :
  8. Anubhuti is in session for nearly nine months.

    • 1st Term: Mid June to late October
    • 2nd Term: Mid November to early April
    We allow children to go home for two short mid-term breaks sometime in August and February. Parents are required to make their own arrangements for picking up their wards and dropping them back.